RAGBAG was founded in 2020 and is a Copenhagen-based Danish jewelry brand run by five creative souls with different backgrounds from the Fashion Industry. This passionate, diverse team brings their individuality, unique traits, and skills to the process of creation. Embracing individuality and utilizing differences to create unique and exciting jewelry, is what makes RAGBAG, not only a name, but also a reflection of the brand essence itself. The organic and detailed expressions in RAGBAG’s jewelry-design are created in a combination of traditional craft methods and modern techniques.

    We strive to design and create contemporary, modern jewelry, with an edge and personality - that invites individuals to explore and emphasize their own personality through transformative styles and statement pieces.


    The dedicated RAGBAG-team continuously seeks to explore and work with new and exciting expressions and materials - thus, creating collections with a contemporary Scandinavian take on modern jewelry. Fusing soft sentient with edgy textures – showcasing and appreciating the materials of which they are made, is at the core of our design processes.

    Our journey, going forward, is deeply rooted in a love and fascination for jewelry and the people wearing them. It’s important for us to continue creating treasured jewelry pieces, sophisticated, yet daring – to compliment and empower people, of all kinds, everywhere.

    We believe in “inspire and be inspired” – Why our jewelry tells a story of passion, craftmanship, and treasured pieces being born from vivid dreams and aspirations. We’re looking forward to continuing this journey, always evolving, and improving – and reflecting not only all of us - but equally all of you